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Elx Biz Linux-4.0 CD (i386)

Elx Biz Linux-4.0 CD (i386) ― Rainbow Computech
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ELX BizDesk is a simple and easy to use Desktop OS for business and home users. It brings to normal desktop users the stability, robustness and security or Linux along with unparalled ease of use.

Intuitive Desktop Environment. Easy to use desktop that is intuitive and very functional. ELX preserves the unbeatable power of Linux. Almost zero learning curve for windows users. ELX BizDesk 4.0 is today the only viable replacement for MS Windows. Its Linux heritage gives it unbeatable stability, security and resilience against present days virus problems. Rated as one of the best Desktop Operating system by top international journals, ELX BizDesk is widely used worldwide by prestigious organizations, universities, home users and office executives.

Brimming with value. A quick single CD install and your PC becomes a powerful productive machine. ELX BizDesk installs Office suite, project management application, flowchart tools, Internet browser with required plugins, RealMedia ® with codec 9 support, Yahoo Messenger, screen camcorder program, scanning applications, Acroread PDF reader and many more useful applications that provide a ready-to-use platform to manage almost all kinds of functions.

No re-learning required. ELX BizDesk 4.0 has been designed to suit the Mind-map of a Windows® user and that is why there is virtually no re-learning required. Right

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