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Ubuntu Ultimate-1.5 (i386)

Ubuntu Ultimate-1.5 (i386) ― Rainbow Computech
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Ubuntu Ultimate is a customized Ubuntu 7.04 distribution with an excellent selection of 100% open source software which can be used out of the box. Although, it is not an official Ubuntu release, all of the Ubuntu 7.04 internal services were not removed or modified. If you've benefited from Ubuntu 7.04, you'll enjoy using Ubuntu Ultimate!

Ubuntu Ultimate does not include any software which requires users to accept special licensing agreements, such as those of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Macromedia Flash, Java, etc. Instead, upon booting a script will download and install this commerical software automatically. However, after installing Ubuntu Ultimate 1.5 users will have to use the provided desktop icon to install commerical software.

Ubuntu Ulimate was built using Reconstructor, an Ubuntu GNU/Linux CD Creator. Reconstructor uses the Desktop, Alternate, or Server as a base, then allows the user to customize the entire environment.

Ubuntu Ultimate 1.5 features:

* New themes, splash screen, wallpaper, sounds theme, icons, and 35 additional fonts
* Access to Ubuntu Ultimate's custom repository
* Choose from 7 desktop environments at login
* Over 130 current updates
* VCD Gear debian style
* ClamAV (anti-virus scanner)
* Emulation: QEMU and KQEMU Accelerator, Wine
* Boot-Up Manager (BUM)
* Startup Manager (SUM)
* Subversion and build tools
* Uses Alien to install foreign packages (RPM, SUSE, etc.)
* Supports SMP for single and dual core CPUs
* Integrated Wireless Internet, Bluetooth, and PPP
* Network security tools
* Supports NFS
* Uses Automatix for additional commerical software
* NTFS read/write support with the click of a mouse
* Archive suite (virtually any archive can be handled)
* Build and make utilities
* Busybox utilities
* Beagle (file searching utility)
* Multimedia/Editors: MPlayer and MEncoder, EasyTag, VLC, Songbird & Amarok players with mp3 support, Avidemux, Steamripper, Audacity, Democracy Player, Listen Media Manager, Kino, Banshee
* HTML Editors: Screem, Bluefish, Quanta Plus and extras
* CD/DVD Authoring: Manrip, Lemonrip, Dvdrip, Isomaster, DVD|RIP, QDVDAuthor, DVD Shrink, K9Copy, DeVeDE, Graveman, Brasero
* Capture card support uses TVTime/ATI-All-in-wonder
* Networking: Kapote, GFTP, KVIrc, X-Chat, Frostwire Pro, Bit Tornado, Amule, Samba, Azureus, LAMP (Apache2, mysql, PHP5), phpmyadmin, Aria
* IPod Software: Yamipod, GTKPod, IPodder, Gpixpod, IPodslave
* Graphics Software: Inkscape, Google Picasa, QCad, Kolourpaint
* Programming: GPHPEdit, Gobby, Ajunta IDE, Gambas, Glade, Ghex
* Ksnapshot and Istanbul
* Misc: Gramps (genealogy software), XSnow, GDesklets, Debian Menu (pdmenu), Lifrea, Gnucash, Gtranslator, Gourmet (recipe manager), Gnucash (financial software)
* System Monitors: GKRealm, Hardinfo, HTop, Sysinfo, XSensors, Moaning Goat Meter

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