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Kubuntu-8.04 Desktop CD (AMD 64)

Kubuntu-8.04 Desktop CD (AMD 64) ― Rainbow Computech
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Kubuntu is a user friendly operating system based on KDE, the K Desktop Environment. With a predictable 6 month release cycle and part of the Ubuntu project, Kubuntu is the GNU/Linux distribution for everyone.


KDE 3: The award winning desktop environment, KDE, has updated its stable version with the 3.5.9 release. This latest release includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes such as:
• A favorite email folders view in KMail as well as drag-and-drop support for the folders
• Easier scheduling in KOrganizer
• KGeography and Kig fixes within the KDE Edu module
• Fixes to KPDF

Desktop Special Effects: Kubuntu 8.04 now provides you the ability for 3D desktop effects such as a spinning cube, true transparency, wobbly windows, and more. Utilizing the Compiz desktop effects you have the ability to choose from 4 levels of desktop effects:

1. No Effects - all effects are disabled and the KDE window manager (KWin) is used
2. Standard Effects - some simple effects such as shadows, window shrinking, and more
3. Extra Effects - take the standard effects, multiply them by ten, throw on some sunglasses, and hang on
4. Custom Effects - Extra Effects not enough? You want more? No problem, this setting has you covered! You will need to install the Compiz Configuration Manager in order to tweak the effects Multimedia: Kubuntu 8.04 provides various multimedia resources. For listening to and managing your music there is Amarok, an award winning music player featuring album covers, lyrics, Wikipedia integration, multiple multimedia devices support, and more. For watching videos there is Kaffeine for KDE 3 and the new Dragon Player for KDE 4. New in Kubuntu 8.04 for the Kaffeine player is the new codec installation which will automatically install codecs when opening a file for the first time. When you insert a DVD movie, Kaffeine will automatically install the necessary DVD codecs for your viewing enjoyment.

File System Support: Kubuntu 8.04 provides many new advancements and support for file systems. Two new features have been added to Kubuntu 8.04 in this arena. The first is the ability to install and encrypted file system during installation. This option is currently available only on the Alternate Installation CD. You can encrypt every partition except for the /boot partition, providing you a more secure version of Kubuntu. The second new feature provides you the ability to easily read and write any NTFS partitions you may have on your desktop.

Printer Auto Configuration: Kubuntu 8.04 now provides an applet that automatically configures a printer when it is attached to your system. This new applet also provides you with feedback on the status of the printer installation and configuration.

Wubi: Kubuntu 8.04 Desktop, or Live, CDs provide a new installer for those running Windows. Wubi allows the installation of Kubuntu just like it were any other application you would install in Windows. Wubi does not require you to modify the partitions of your PC or the need to use a different boot loader.

Office Suite: Kubuntu 8.04 includes 2.4, which is an open-source office suite similar in functionality to that of other office suites. The included applications are: Writer, a fully functional word processor, Calc, an advanced spread sheet program and Impress, a tool for creating effective multimedia presentations. is compatible with all major office suites. For those of you wanting something lighter, KOffice is a simple install away. It includes world leading applications such as Kexi the database manager and Krita the image editor. Personal Information Management: Kontact, the Personal Information Manager in Kubuntu 8.04, unites an entire suite of PIM applications in one central environment which are tailored to work well with each other. Kontact delivers innovations to help you manage your communications easily, organize your work faster and work together more closely, resulting in more productivity and efficiency in digital collaboration. Components include mail, calendar, contacts, notes, and more.

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