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Libranet-2.8.1 CD (i386)

Libranet-2.8.1 CD (i386) ― Rainbow Computech
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Libranet is a desktop GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian. This 2 CD set contains almost all the software you would want to see on your desktop. Libranet has a fast growing and enthusiastic user base and judging by the glowing reviews of their latest release, version 2.8.1, is a solid candidate for installation on your workstation. Debian already considered by many to be the premium distribution is further enhanced by Libranet's installer, the Libranet Adminmenu, and a community of users ever willing to reach out and help those new to the Linux world.

Whether you are a home or office computer user, a systems administrator or a developer you will find Libranet pretty much covers all the bases. Libranet is a Debian based system with the added advantages of a super easy install, solid support, configuration setup, system management functions and a collection of applications guaranteed to keep your interest. The system is highly versatile and you can select from a number of window managers, email clients and web and file browsers. For developers and those wishing to run servers, Libranet includes a wide range of packages to make setting up a sophisticated Debian system relatively easy. The best and latest packages are included. Like IceWM window manager, the latest stable kernel and the KDE, Gnome, XFce and Enlightenment desktop environments. There is a growing Libranet users community and a lively discussion group. Libranet users provide feedback to the developers which helps define the ongoing improvements to the system.

Libranet is a lot more than just an easier to install Debian derivative. Libranet is a well crafted system, carefully integrated to contain the best of GNU/Linux and is a pleasure to use.Libranet is fast and exceptionally stable.

Libranet 2.8.1 Key Features:

•Advanced installer
•Libranet Adminmenu
•Libranet update-safe archive
•Security updates
•100% Debian compatible
•Kernel 2.4.21
•XFree86 4.3.0
•KDE 3.1.3, GNOME 2.2.2, XFce
•IceWM, Fluxbox, Enlightenment
•ReiserFS, ext2, ext3
•Automatic hardware setup
•Support Solutions database
•Friendly community

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