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Net BSD-2.0.2 CD (Multiple Architecture)

Net BSD-2.0.2 CD (Multiple Architecture) ― Rainbow Computech
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NetBSD is a BSD variant whose aim is to run on as many computer architectures as possible and currently runs on 54 different system architectures. The OpenBSD project was forked from NetBSD at the end of 1995. NetBSD contains its own package management system, know as NetBSD Packages Collection or pkgsrc, and the collection currently contains over 5000 packages. Adding new software is as simple as changing to the correct directory and typing "make install". All required or dependant packages will also be installed. A number of other operating systems now use pkgsrc including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris and Darwin/OS/X.

The multi cds contain bootable and installable images for multiple architectures. Disk 1 contains i386, macppc, sparc and sparc64. Disk 2 contains alpha, amiga, mac68k, next68k, cobalt, pmax and vax.

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