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Puppy Linux-4.2 Retro CD (i386)

Puppy Linux-4.2 Retro CD (i386) ― Rainbow Computech
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Puppy Linux is yet another Linux distribution. What's different here is that Puppy is extraordinarily small, yet quite full featured. Puppy boots into a 64MB ramdisk, and that's it, the whole caboodle runs in RAM. Unlike live CD distributions that have to keep pulling stuff off the CD, Puppy in its entirety loads into RAM. This means that all applications start in the blink of an eye and respond to user input instantly. Puppy Linux has the ability to boot off a flash card or any USB memory device, CDROM, Zip disk or LS/120/240 Superdisk, floppy disks, internal hard drive. It can even use a multisession formatted CD-R/DVD-R to save everything back to the CD/DVD with no hard drive required at all!

\r\nPuppy Linux 4.2 brings a lot of new changes and improvements. While the ISO is still under 100 MB, there are now two window managers available: IceWM and JWM, including extra themes. SeaMonkey 1.1.15 is the default web browser and features the MonkeyMenu extension. A new addition comes in the form of Pwidgets: battery, clock, weather, calendar, RSS feeds, picture slideshows and others can be added on the desktop. For multimedia enthusiasts, the latest audio codecs are brought through AlsaPlayer and Pmusic and the Gxine fullscreen video player.

The Puppy Download Accelerator and Transmission BitTorrent client are also included for a faster download experience. The office productivity software consists of AbiWord 2.6.6, Gnumeric 1.8.4, HomeBank 4.0.2, Osmo 0.2.0 organizer and Xpad 2.14 sticky notes application.

Puppy Linux 4.2 Features:

* Puppy Control Panel
* gfx-boot, providing a better looking GRUB boot loader
* streamtuner, bringing internet radio to Puppy Linux
* Printing support through CUPS 1.4b2
* Xarchiver archive manager
* GPicView image viewer
* Glade, freeBASIC and tcl/tk programming tools
* Remaster Xpress re-mastering application
* New games
* Meebo instant messaging
* SeaMonkey Mail email client
* Psip Voice over IP client
* XChat IRC client.

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