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Simply Mepis-3.3.1 CD (i586)

Simply Mepis-3.3.1 CD (i586) ― Rainbow Computech
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Simply MEPIS offers a Linux that is easy to install and use. It should appeal to the beginner and expert alike.

SimplyMEPIS provides the renowned apt package system from the Debian Project, so with Synaptic or Kpackage you can easily add new software and update existing software with just a few clicks. To create a customized system, over 10,000 packages can be downloaded for free from the Debian package pool and the MEPIS package pool.

The SimplyMEPIS bootable CD allows potential users to verify hardware compatibility, test drive applications, and determine the value of SimplyMEPIS before making a commitment to install it on their hard drive. After installation, the CD can be used as a rescue and repair disk for MEPIS and also for computers still running Windows.

This is a minor update from SimplyMEPIS 3.3. Changes include an update of packages to synchronize with the Debian pool as of April 20, 2005. Alsa mixer preconfiguration is fully automated. Isa sound card support is enhanced. Serial_cs and rt2500 drivers are available. The ra0 wireless port is supported in the OS Center.

Acrobat Reader has been updated to 7.0 and the mimetypes configuration has been modified to use Acrobat automatically. The MEPIS OS Center now includes a one-click selection of the Synaptic touchpad driver. RealPlayer has been updated. The preconfig for the firewall has been corrected to block access to the local apache web server.

The firewire and scsi hotplug agents and the USB pluggable devices list were improved for better support of USB and Firewire pluggable devices. Support for the davfs2 filesystem is available on demand. Cpufreq modules are autoloaded during boot.

SimplyMEPIS 3.3.1 features:

•Acrobat Reader
•Checkbook Tracker
•Firefox 1.0
•GTKPod (with automatic support for both Mac and PC iPods)
•KDE 3.3.2 desktop
•Mplayer plugin
•OpenOffice 1.1.3 (with WordPerfect document support)

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