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Slynux-2.0 CD (i486)

Slynux-2.0 CD (i486) ― Rainbow Computech
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SLYNUX is a user friendly GNU/Linux Operating System for beginners. It can be run completely from CD without installation. There is also options to install to hard disk. The main feature of this operating system is that, any person who is familiar with Microsoft Windows OS can handle this operating system very easily. The desktop of this operating system is arranged so as to make it friendly to the user. Also it has a wide range of application programs which are pre-installed. SLYNUX is a live Linux distribution which includes content of about 2GB made available by using transparent compression. This is a debian based GNU/Linux developed from Knoppix (Credit of most features of this Distro goes to knoppix). This can be used by beginners of Linux OS. SLYNUX makes to familiarize Linux technology. This is also a complete suite Linux OS. This provides all types of needed software.

Slynux – 2.0 Features:

•Much familiar and user friendly desktop.
•Powered with KDE Window Manager.
•A variety of Multimedia Packages.
•Supports most of internal modems.
•A wide range of drivers for Digital cameras & printers.
•Internet-access software with No.1 Web browser Mozilla Firefox.
•Image editing tools.
•Tools for data rescue and system repair.
•Malayalam Language support with common fonts.
•On Screen keyboard for typing malayalam easily.
•OpenOffice(TM) 1.1. Powerful Office Suite.
•Macromedia Flash player.
•It also supports FAT32 file systems.
•Hard disk installation from live CD.
•Simple Hard Disk Installation.
•Default user is root (Administrator)
•You can save files to windows partitions from SLYNUX live CD.

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