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Vector Linux-5.1 STD Edition CD (i386)

Vector Linux-5.1 STD Edition CD (i386) ― Rainbow Computech
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Vector Linux is a small, fast, Linux operating system based on one of the original Linux distributions, Slackware. The enormously popular Slackware is the true 'Unix' of Linux distributions and is used by major corporations, universities and home users alike. It's popularity stems from the fact that it is a robust, versatile and almost unbreakable system. Slackware has been traditionally known to be about as user friendly as a coiled rattlesnake and that's where Vector Linux comes into play. They have produced a bloat free, easy to install, configure and maintain Slackware based system that is second to none.

Vector Linux 5.1 includes:

•Kernel version 2.6.12 available in sata,ide and scsi configurations.
•Xorg-6.8.2 is the default X window system.
•New graphical text package management with Gslapt and slapt-get.
•New usb-mount for automounting usb devices like pendrives.
•Easy on your system resources, should run fine with a minimum of 32mb of ram
•Only reguires 950 megs of disk space for full install (but you should have more available for additional programs and swap space)
•Laptop support including pcmcia and apm.
•Usb support with hotplugging.
•Most available Linux hardware drivers are included.

Desktop Features:

•XFCE4.2, Fluxbox and ICEwm window managers with antialias font support.
•Internet ready with Firefox, Dillo, Gaim, Xchat and more.
•Abiword a stand alone full featured word processor that imports exports MS word style documents.
•Xview and GQview for viewing, manipulating and editing graphics files.
•XMMS to play most music formats including CD's.
•A full compliment of GUI programs to handle email, file management, text editing, sound manipulation, file compression, desktop themes and more.

Console Features:

•Full development suite with most common libraries, compilers and related tools.
•Gcc updated to version 3.3.4.
•PPP setup wizard for easy connection to the net via your modem. Both pppsetup and wvdial available. Update gkdial is now available also.
•VI style text editors, mutt for email, lynx text web browsing, Midnight Commander file manager, ncftp, telnet, ping, finger and all the basic networking applications and daemons.
•Added security with a built in gshield firewall, port sentry, openssl and openssh.
•Enhanced USB support with hotplugging.
•The default file manager (midnight commander) will install uninstall all software packages including rpms, slps, debs, and tgz.

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