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Xandros-3.0.2 OCE CD (i386)

Xandros-3.0.2 OCE CD (i386) ― Rainbow Computech
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The Open Circulation Edition of the Xandros Desktop OS provides a secure, stable Windows replacement for everyday desktop use and everything users need for a carefree Internet experience . It offers free Skype-to-Skype calling worldwide, Firefox browsing, and Thunderbird e-mail with automatic spam filtering.

The Linux kernel, supporting systems, and end-user programs are all improving at a rapid pace. Xandros Desktop OS Open Circulation Edition incorporates the following new technical features and programs:

• Kernel 2.6.11
• Xandros-enhanced KDE 3.3
• Based on the "Sarge" version of Debian GNU/Linux
• Four-click install with automatic disk partitioning
• Dual-boot installation with Windows XP
• Industry-leading hardware detection and configuration
• Seamless file and print sharing on Windows networks
• Journaling file system (ReiserFS)
• Ext3 file support
• USB 2.0 support
• Firewire support
• Wireless 802.11b networking support
• 6.8.2
• Skype Internet Calling
• Firefox and Thunderbird
• RealPlayer 10
• 1.1.2

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