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Privacy Notice.

Our Security Policy

RainbowComputech.Com wants to ensure that all of our customers can shop with complete confidence online. We have taken every possible measure to give absolute security to our customers in their dealings with us. All areas of our site that request sensitive information, such as personal information are protected by a Secure Sockets Layer, SSL. This means that the information that is sent to and from our server is encrypted. If someone was to intercept your information they would not be able to interpret it.

•We have created a secure transaction environment for commerce on the Internet.Our e-commerce system uses Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL) to ensure your shopping experience is safe, sound and secure at all times.

•SSL locks all information passed from you to RainbowComputech.Com in an encrypted envelope.This makes it almost impossible to be intercepted by an unauthorised party, as long as your browser and local network support the use of encrypted data transmissions.

•SSL is the system that is used by all reputable e-commerce sites.The industry standard for encryption technology, SSL is compatible with Netscape, Internet Explorer and most other browsers.

You will know when transmitted data is safe by the appearance of a security notice when you enter a secure page. Also, a secure icon will appear on your browser. For Netscape, this is a key icon; for Microsoft Internet Explorer, a lock icon. Secure web pages can also be identified by their URL: they begin with https://, while standard pages begin with http://.

Respect for Privacy

Terms and Conditions - Privacy

Our Privacy Pledge is that information given to us will only be used to enhance your shopping experience, resulting in a more personalised service for you. We are fully committed to protecting your privacy.

Any personal information that you submit will be used simply to process your orders and is protected by our secure server. You can also choose to receive information via our Newsletter, notifying you of important changes to our site or offering you special promotions.

We are not involved in the selling, trading or alternative unauthorised use of personal information. We promise that we will not pass on your personal details to any other organizations.

Any changes to our information collection policies will be posted on this page. By using the RainbowComputech.Com site, you are consenting to the collection of information by RainbowComputech.Com .

It is our promise that there is nobody more important to us than you, and that we will provide you with absolute shopping privacy.
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